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Newett Studios was established in 1985 by Grammy® nominated producer and musician, Anthony Newett. We offer the finest in music production, recording services and music lessons for singers, songwriters and instrumentalists.

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What We’re All About

Our goal is to intimately understand our clients' and students' individual musical needs and to provide the finest service possible at extremely affordable prices!

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Microphone Sound Editing


Newett Studios will produce your material to its fullest potential. Often, the difference between a mediocre song and a great song is in the production. We will help you decide what instrumentation, arrangement and style best suits your project. We have the latest industry-standard software and gear with countless plugins for absolute, master-quality recordings. We also have vintage outboard gear to suite individual taste.



Newett Studios offers extremely affordable and flexible on-site recording, serving the needs of soloists, orchestras and bands of all types, performing various concerts and recitals. Instruments and vocalists are individually tracked for optimal post-production editing. Final, edited masters provided in the format of your choice.

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Mastering is the final and very necessary step in creating an industry-standard recording. We will ensure that your product is at its fullest, sonic potential with the absolute finest in mastering services.  Please do not compare our services with companies offering mastering packages with a flat rate per song.  Mastering is an art.  The time consumption is relative to the program material.

Guitar Playing


With more than 30-years experience teaching raw beginners to advanced, we offer voice lessons and instrumental lessons on guitar, bass, 5-string banjo, tenor banjo, mandolin, violin, cello and trumpet. We will teach you through traditional notation or by ear or diagram (TAB). We will ensure music theory is appropriately implemented along with more relaxed styles of learning, such as playing riffs directly from your favorite songs, bands and artists



If you find yourself with a talent for writing lyrics, but have no concept of how to set your words to music, let us help you. We will compose custom music to your lyrics and produce a radio-quality recording of your very own song. Perhaps there's an occasion or special event for which you'd like to create a custom song. Whatever the case may be, we will turn your idea into a song at a surprisingly affordable cost.



Many of our clients work with us remotely. It's often difficult to find a studio in your area that can suite your production needs. This is absolutely no problem at all. Simply submit your work to us and we will do everything remotely and keep you included with each step. No matter what the case may be, we will add missing instrumentation or create full productions for you. You can even do your own vocals at home using your phone, tablet or computer and send it to us for placement in your final track.

On Air Sign


For more than 25 years, Newett Studios has composed and produced custom, high-quality beds for voice-over, bumpers and soundscape for network radio and television, including CNN, FOX, Mercury Radio Arts, Premier Radio Network, TheBlaze Radio and TV Networks and more.

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Newett Studios has a long history of working with extremely talented artists. Below are just a few. Some of these samples were recorded and produced in the studio, and some were recorded live, on-location.

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Home: Samples


Here are just a few of our many satisfied clients

"We have been hunting for someone like Anthony for a very long time. I have found that Anthony doesn't just write and produce, he writes and produces MAGIC. No matter if we are looking for a real jingle, song or comedy piece for the radio show, Anthony can do it. Now he scores our stage productions as well as brilliant, heart felt music for our TV show. He continues to surpass our expectations with every new project. It's always fun and THRILLING to work with talent like this... too bad it happens so rarely."

Glenn Beck -Host of Nationally Sydicated 'The Glenn Beck Program'

"Anthony was quite a find. He is a talented musician - one accomplished on multiple instruments - and a producer par excellence. His creative brilliance knows no limit. Having worked with Anthony in several recording sessions, I find I'm constantly amazed by the keenness of his ear; his uncanny ability to tweak something in just the right way, in order to make it sound perfect. It's the subtlety of his patented "touch," that I find so fascinating. That's why if you are in the market for a studio to produce and record your special work - be it music or of the spoken word variety, Newett Music Studios is a classic no-brainer. I give Anthony and his state-of-the-art facility, my 5-star rating!"

Steve Ross -Co-host of Remember When, 990-AM Philadelphia

"Anthony Newett is a talented producer and musician who helps develop the skills of aspiring songwriters and performers. He is a quality person, who always works hard to bring out the best in every writer, singer and musician."

Dale Kawashima -Head of Songwriter Universe, Independent Consultant for Sony Music Publishing - Studio City, CA

"If you want to go to one person who can do it all, efficiently and professionally - and leave with a high quality finished product, Anthony is your man. He's also a helluva nice guy!"

Billy Kahn -Britney Spears' Original Talent Scout and A&R with Jive Records

"Having recorded in most of the major studios in Manhattan, I was surprised and excited to find not only a gem of a studio with a great sound (Newett Studios), but an engineer/producer/musician (Anthony Newett) who, given something to work with, could produce a master, equal or superior to anything being produced anywhere - proving once again that big is not always the best."

Pat Kirby -The Steve Allen Show (lead singer along with Andy Williams), Decca Recording Artist; Commercial credits include Kodak, McDonald's, Heineken, Amstel Light, Ford Thunderbird, American Greetings, etc.

"Anthony Newett is a musical phenom. He can play nine (9) instruments and has that special ear. His down-to-earth style enables him to garner the most out of the artists he works with, by making the artist feel at ease. It's always a pleasure working with Anthony."

Simon J. Rosen, Esq., Entertainment Attorney Representing Several Major Label Acts.

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In-Studio services are $100 p/hour from start to finish. There are no additional fees for adding instrumentation or special services such as mastering or mixing.


Work From Home

Depending on the complexity of the production, we offer packages ranging from $300 to $1,000 for a fully completed, industry-quality recording of your song.


At Your Location

On-Site recording is $250 p/hour with a two-hour minimum. All post production work is included in the price.


Instrumental & Vocal

Lessons are done at our West Allentown location and are $50 p/hour. Half-hour lessons are $30 and are only offered to children 12 and under.


Bring Your Project to Industry Standard

$100 p/hour
(averages to be 3 songs within a two-hour space, depending on program material)


Send Us Your Lyrics and We'll Put Them to Music

$100 p/hour

You may have a specific need that requires individual attention. Let us know what you're looking for and we will customize a package just for you!

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- Sessions and Lessons are by Appointment Only -

Thanks for submitting!


919 North Leh Street
Allentown, PA 18104




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